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Green Fees - Non Members

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Summer Rate (April to October) Winter Rate (November to March)
Mon to Fri Sat to Sun Any day & twilight after 16:00
Single£55.00 Single£75.00 Single£30.00/£40.00
2 ball£100.00 2 ball£140.00 2 ball£60.00/£80.00
3 ball£150.00 3 ball£210.00 3 ball£90.00/£120.00
Summer Rate (April to October)
Mon to Fri
2 ball£100.00
3 ball£150.00
Summer Rate (April to October)
Sat to Sun
2 ball£140.00
3 ball£210.00
Winter Rate (November to March)
Any day & twilight after 16:00
2 ball£60.00/£80.00
3 ball£90.00/£120.00